Albert Park Public Meeting Summaries

Meeting Summary - March 2, 2017

Landscape Architect Phil Abey introduced the project concept and provided preliminary drawings based on community feedback from the first public meeting on 1/12/17 and from the survey results.  City staff and project partners then facilitated small group discussions and collected ideas and feedback.

Albert Park Concept Plan

Project Introduction by Architect Phil Abey

  • The City and community would like to make Albert Park usable by more people.
  • The community has provided a list of desired improvements for Albert Park with a play area at the top of the list.
  • A space is available between Marin Bocce and the community center building on B Street for a play area
  • A play area designed for preschool and school-aged children can fit into available space without precluding future improvements in Albert Park.
  • A play area would be served by adjacent parking and be a complementary use to the community center, Parkside, and the grassy meadow.
  • A play area use would be ideal because it can support numerous users and can be designed to be visually porous.
  • The proposed play area design is an interactive play experience inspired by natural elements.

Community Comments & Feedback

The majority of the meeting was spent in small groups with the plans and proposed playground elements for people to make comments and ask more questions of table facilitators.

The proposed design was well received by the attendees, which included 60 members of the community, city department staff, and the Parks & Recreation Commission.  People mostly appreciated the use of natural materials, clear lines of sight through the playground area, the proposed restroom, and two points of entry away from the street. More consideration will be given to increasing the height of the fence from 4 to 6 feet along B Street, continuing the rod iron fencing used at Bocce instead of using black chain link, more seating areas inside the park, and adequate shade.

Summary of our first public meeting held on January 12, 2017

Map of project area
Project area is shaded in orange

The meeting included 19 members of the community, who contributed ideas. Project team members were introduced; members of The B Team and the Gerstle Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA) introduced themselves and shared information regarding their ongoing efforts to support the project, the beautification of the park and the B Street corridor. Community Services Director, Carlene McCart provided a brief background of the project and Landscape Architect, Phil Abey shared aerial photos of the park, described optimal park design, and facilitated group discussion and brainstorming.  Community members shared priorities, concerns, and ideal locations to share project information and updates to maximize community involvement


The community discussion included priorities, concerns and ways in which to share project information and updates


  • Seating areas
  • Lighting is important for safety
  • Restroom
  • Security
  • Cleanliness
  • Ensure that there is equipment for a wide range of ages. Examples include:

Tongva Park in Santa Monica

DiMaggio Playground in San Francisco

  • Wavy benches
  • Shade – such as trees and sails
  • Community picnic area
  • Ensure that the walking and driving entry points are clear. Ex: driveway to the park and the driveway to the San Rafael Community Center
  • Ensure that there is enough parking available


  • Ensure that the trees shield the Albert Field/stadium lights toward Treanor Street and B Street
  • Ensure that there is  adequate drainage
  • Research process to move/remove the current public art sculpture
  • Research the best types of benches for seating
  • Confirm the Bio Marin parking lot on Andersen Drive will remain surface parking verses a building or garage.

Places to post updates and drawings

  • San Rafael Community Center
  • Parkside Child Care Center
  • Community Services Website
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