Hamilton Pool Rules & Other Information

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, please follow these rules:

Swim Diapers Children who are not potty trained are required to wear an approved swim diaper. A disposal swim diaper may not be worn alone. Swim suits that provide a snug fit around a child’s legs can be worn over a disposable swim diaper. A re-usable swim diaper can be worn alone or over a disposable swim diaper.

Shared space  Classes/Programs may be going on during Lap/Public Swim Times. Lanes will be shared by different users. Please pay attention to signage or as staff.

Activity Pool The slide is closed during Child Rest Period times. Activity Pool often open before public swim.

(CRP) A CRP is called on the hour, every hour starting the second hour of public swim. Children under the age of 16 are required to be out of the main pool during this time. Depending on weather and attendance, a CRP will be called based on the discretion of staff. The CRP is to encourage children to take a rest break and go potty. Please help ensure public safety by reminding children to use the bathrooms and to take a break from swimming. Parents with children 3 & under may use the pool during this time to work on water adjustment and swimming skills. A parent must be in the water with the child or the child will be asked to leave the water.

Pool closure To ensure public safety, we may reduce attendance due to a shortage of staff or reaching maximum capacity. We staff the facility based on a guard to swimmer ratio. If it is a hot day or high attendance might be expected, please call ahead.

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