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Swim Lessons

Happy Fish Swim School - Group Lessons

The Happy Fish Swim School emphasizes fun and safety in the aquatic environment through guided instruction by a professional swim instructor.  We offer group lessons for children ages six months and older.

Three-Day Session
$36 Resident/$40 Non-Resident
Four-Day Session
$48 Resident/$53 Non-Resident

Three-Day Session
$45 Resident/$48 Non-Resident
Four-Day Session
$60 Resident/$66 Non-Resident

Refunds, credits or transfers
For refunds, credits or transfers we need a minimum of two working days advance notice which must be either an in-person or written request. Transfer requests for different session dates will be assessed a $5 transfer fee.


Please feel free to combine sessions to fit your scheduling needs.

Our Moderate Schedule includes Monday/Wednesday sessions, Saturday sessions and/or Sunday sessions.  Our Intensive Schedule, which begins Monday, June 18, includes Monday - Thursday sessions and evening sessions.

Happy Fish Swim School Level Guide

If you sign your child up for a level that they have successfully mastered, we will transfer your child to another level at no charge to you. During the lesson, instructors may move your child up or down a level to accommodate your swimmer’s abilities. If a level does not meet the minimum registration, we may combine levels of students with similar skill ability.

Please note that our swim lessons fill up quickly, so if you wish to advance your child to the next level during the season, we encourage you to register for consecutive lessons when you begin the registration process.

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:12

  • Blowing bubbles, jumping, basic arm swim skills
  • Slight submersion practiced
  • Begins to swim with an instructor
  • Songs & Games
  • Parent participation required
  • Best for kids 6 – 36 months
  • This is a water adjustment class
  • Child comfortable in the water with the instructor for short periods
  • The child must want to be there and has fun playing in the water

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:3

  • How to enter and exit water safely
  • Learns basic water safety
  • Actively interacts with the instructor
  • “Swimming is Fun!” emphasized with games
  • No parent participation
  • Good beginning class for kids age 3 or older
  • The child is mainly on steps for the entire class period
  • Fully comfortable in the water with the instructor for the entire class period
  • The child is excited & pushes the learning process to try harder

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:3

  • Fundamental water skills and aquatic safety taught
  • Full Face Submersion Introduced
  • Floating Back & Front
  • Wall Push Offs on Back & Front
  • Explores entire pool
  • Supported alternating arm circles and kicking together
  • The child pushes off wall alone on tummy
  • The child jumps to instructor alone
  • Must be able to use flotation device unsupported for 2 body lengths
  • Must be able to float on back & front unsupported

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:3

  • Practices alternating arm circles and kicking together
  • Begins discussion of side breathing
  • beginning backstroke
  • Streamline swimming introduced
  • Breaststroke arms and legs introduced separately
  • Jumps in and swims directly to the wall
  • Fully submerges face 3 times with bobs
  • Swims front crawl 2 body lengths
  • Able to push off the wall on back and float 2 body lengths

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:4

  • Builds swimming stamina
  • Begins work on treading water & sitting/kneeling dives
  • Works on streamline kick on back
  • Ample practice time on breaststroke & backstroke
  • Some refreshing of front crawl with side-breathing
  • Begins dolphin kicking practice
  • General technique work on front crawl, back and breast
  • Able to swim front crawl at least 13 yards
  • Able to streamline kick for 10 yards w/o kickboard
  • Able to swim backstroke three body lengths
  • Able to swim breaststroke three body lengths
  • Recognizable side-breathing

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:6

  • Works on swimming 50 yards front crawl
  • Practices swimming refined strokes
  • Begins work on flip turns
  • Practice and stamina emphasized
  • Students should swim multiple laps during the lesson with instruction in between
  • Provides skills needed to start a swim
  • Able to swim multiple laps during the lesson with breaks in between
  • Swim strokes are all recognizable but need refinement Able to maintain streamline and balance in the water

Instructor/Student Ratio 1:5

  • Builds up to 25 yards front crawl with side-breathing
  • Practices front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke & treading water
  • Learns full butterfly
  • Introduced to standing dives
  • Builds stamina and technique on all strokes
  • Able to swim 25 yards front crawl, 25 yards backstroke, 10 yards breaststroke and a recognizable butterfly for two body lengths
  • Able to dive unperfected
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